Free chest Workouts at home When Coronavirus is Keeping You Inside

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Because staying home doesn’t mean you can’t work out.

Are you looking to tone your chest area and build some muscles? Do you want to avoid crowded, expensive gyms and workout in the privacy and comfort of your home with a few household items? You have come to the right place. Here, you can find the five best chest workouts at home that you can easily do without any gym equipment.

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Why are chest muscles important?

The chest area consists of two important muscles; pectoralis major and pectoralis minor.

These muscles are often referred to as ‘pecs’. Pectoralis major is the larger of the two and makes up for most of the chest area. Pectoralis minor is a small triangular muscle sitting beneath the pectoralis major.

These muscles are responsible for moving the arms in all the direction, pushing, pulling and lifting.

Therefore, it is important to keep such vital muscles in good shape and health. Working the chest muscles in a hard challenge and burns a lot of energy.

Anyone looking forward to losing some weight and get toned and fit should definitely take up chest exercises.


Diamond pushups

Diamond pushups are the best way to strengthen triceps. It is also called as close-grip pushups.

Diamond pushups are done by getting your body in a straight plank position and your hands placed under your chest in a diamond shape with thumbs touching. Then, the body is lowered and brought back to the start position and the process is repeated.

This workout does not require any equipment and is one of the important chest workouts at home that everyone should try doing.

You can also perform this exercise on an inclined plane if you are struggling with the basic form. Studies have shown that diamond pushups are the chest exercise that resulted in the most amount of muscle activity.

Diamond pushups primarily target the triceps but other muscles such as the pecs, abs, biceps, and quads also get a workout in the process.

Triceps are large muscles in the upper arm and they contribute to the extension of shoulders and elbows.

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2. Chair Dips

Chair dips are a strength exercise that once again targets the triceps, back muscles, and upper arm. It is a challenging alternative to regular dips and is a convenient chest workout for home as it does not require any special gym equipment.

All you need is a sturdy chair and even if a chair is not available at hand, you can use a low table or a railing or the edge of a bathtub.

Chair dips are done by placing a chair in an open space. Start out by sitting on the chair and sliding your body forward just off the chair.

Wrap your fingers around the front edge of the chair. Bend your elbows and lower your body towards the ground. When your elbows are at a 90-degree angle stop and straighten back up. Repeat the process.

Chair dips are one of the best exercises for activating your triceps, upper arms, and your core as you hold your hips off the ground.

Strengthening the triceps will enable you to do some heavy pulling and pushing which will, in turn, broaden your shoulders and chest.

Note that if you have any joint pain, it may be a better option to strengthen your triceps through pushups.

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3. Decline pushups

Decline pushups target the upper chest and deltoid muscles more aggressively than a regular pushup. This exercise uses more of the bodyweight to perform compared to a regular pushup.

Including decline pushups, along with regular pushups and other chest exercises, to your workout plan will result in well-rounded chest development.

To do a decline pushup, start out in a plank position with your legs propped against an inclined plane such as a bench. Lower your chest to the ground and return to the start position. Repeat the process.

Decline pushups activate the clavicular (upper portion) region of the chest muscle. A greater angle of the decline pushup will lead to greater activation of the upper chest.

Furthermore, decline pushups also intensely activate the front of the shoulders.

The activation of these muscles leads to the development of a broad chest all of which is achieved at the comfort of your home.

4. Wide pushups

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Wide pushups or wide grip pushups are a variation of the regular pushups. It is an exercise that targets the chest muscles exclusively. It activates the triceps and shoulder muscles.

Wide pushups are performed by getting into the traditional push-up position and placing your arms about one and a half shoulder-length distance apart and your hands facing forward. Then, lower your body and rise repeatedly like you would do for a regular push up.

Doing wide pushups as part of your routine has its benefits. Studies have confirmed that wide pushups contribute to an increase in upper body muscle. Wide pushups are known to be one of the most efficient ways to build your chest.

It breaks up the monotony of doing regular pushups and works those other muscles that needed to be activated. It makes sure that you do not hit a plateau in your progress from doing regular pushups.

The variation allows you to continue receiving positive reinforcements from your pushups. It also should not be forgotten that they do not need any pieces of equipment at all and can be one of the easy chest workouts at home or travel.

5. Dive bomber pushups

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Dive bomber pushups resemble a yoga position and are a great exercise for building and strengthening the upper body. It is a challenging variation of a push up that increases your stability and flexibility.

To do a dive bomber pushup, get into a pushup position but this time keep your arms farther apart than the shoulder distance. Raise your hips high and get into a position that resembles an inverted ‘V’.

Then, begin by lowering your chest to brush the ground and raise it high until your arms are straight. Then reverse the motion until you are back to the inverted ‘V’ position. Repeat the process.

Dive bomber pushup is a dynamic exercise that shows an effect on the whole body. It provides a head to toe challenge and works on almost all the muscles in the upper body.

This workout especially targets the biceps, triceps, pectorals, deltoids and many other smaller muscles.

It also vastly increases your core abilities, and also strengthens your shoulder muscles making it easier to perform other exercises such as chair dips.

The fluid and circular motion of this pushup engage the whole body.

It is also known to benefit hamstring and back muscle by giving it a considerable stretch.

Things to remember!

Chest muscles are extremely important for carrying out daily tasks and to look good in your outfits. So, include a good serving of different chest workout in your daily workout routine.

Many of these chest workouts at home also engage the whole body in one or the other way and contribute to losing unnecessary weight.

Always remember to warm-up well before your workout sessions.

Make sure you are maintaining a good form and breathing right to gain the full benefits of these exercises.

Finally, have patience and faith in yourself. Do not give up or rush things.

Do each exercise slowly but diligently until you achieve finesse in every movement.

You will gradually increase your sets and definitely see the results that you hope for.

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